The Meowchi’s Kittens Are Here—and They’re Purrrfect!

Calling all feline lovers out there: Here’s a special treat for you!


Meowchi plush


It won’t be long before you get your hands on the Meowchi’s Kittens plush toys! These soft and snuggly cat plush toys are truly a delight to see, but wait ‘til you wrap your arms around them!

Our Meowchi’s Kittens stuffed toys are made with breathable soft plush fabric and polyester stuffing, making them super huggable and luxuriously soft to the touch! Plus, these cat plushies also make great pillows that your kids can snuggle with at night.

Whether you are a cat lover or not, the Meowchi’s Kittens will satisfy your stuffed toy fantasies! Stay tuned for their release!

Make Playtimes More Fun with the Kakao Friends

Ever wished the emoticons on your KakaoTalk app came to life so you can hug and squeeze them tight? Now, your wish can come true!


Kakao Friends Poster

The infamous Kakao Friends will now be made available for all you plush toy lovers soon! Officially licensed and authentic, our cuddly soft Kakao Friends plush toys will compose of four different characters that are all just snuggly and adorable. Each one of them will surely delight your young stuffed toy collectors at home!

Choose your favourite character, or better yet, get the entire set to give away to your kids, nieces, nephews, friends, and loved ones!

Who’s excited to get their hands on these irresistibly cute animal plush toys?

Something New is Hatching Soon

Get ready to squeal with delight at our upcoming plush toys. They’re cute, fluffy, and everything you could ask for in a stuffed toy!

Ever since their debut in The Angry Birds Movie, these little fluffballs have instantly captured the hearts of viewers that a holiday video has been made of them singing the Christmas song, “Deck the Halls!” You guessed it right, Angry Birds: The Hatchlings will be available for you soon!

Get ready to pick your favourite hatchling. Choose from cute little birds, Arianna, Zoe, Blues, Vincent, Will, and Samantha—you can never go wrong anyway!

Angry Birds Hatchlings

You Are in for a Spooky Treat with the Universal Monsters!

Now that Halloween is almost here, give your kids a timely treat they will never forget—monster plushies! If you think kids can’t get themselves to love monsters, these adorable Universal Monsters plush will let you think otherwise.

An upcoming PlushDirect-exclusive collection, these Universal Monsters stuffed toys come in seven unique monster characters, namely Bride of Frankenstein, Creature from Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein, Metaluna Mutant, Mummy, and Wolfman.

All monster plush toy characters are stitched to perfection and made with quality plush material and irresistibly soft faux fur. Since they are cuddly soft, they make the perfect stuffed toys for kids aged 3 and above—most especially for those who love Halloween and trick-or-treating!

Watch out for our entire Universal Monsters collection, coming out anytime soon!

Universal Monsters Plush