Ewok Plush Toy Alternatives That Will Delight Star Wars Fans

Ewok plush toy“Star Wars” fans can recognize ewoks as soon as they see them. These small, mammaloid creatures are hunter-gatherers that resemble teddy bears. Because of their cute, fluffy appearance, these Star Wars characters can make great plush toys!

If you are looking for cute and huggable ewok plush toys, there are other excellent plush toys that can be great replacement for your stuffed ewok toys!

Giant Teddy Bears

Since ewoks also look like stuffed bears, teddy bears can do the trick as ewok alternatives. Make them HUGE teddy bears and your kids are in for a treat! We don’t think anybody can resist hugging a cute and cuddly teddy bear, what more a giant teddy bear that’s half the size of your body? This sounds like a playtime filled with hugs and cuddles for your little ones.

AFL Bears

AFL Merchandise Teddy Bears

Can you imagine what ewoks will look like if they wear sports tees? AFL Bears look just like that! Aside from their adorable appearance, AFL stuffed bears also bear your favourite team’s logo and colours. They’re a great present for somebody who loves ewok plush toys and follows the football league as well!

If you are searching for more ewok plush toys, find time to browse through other teddy bear and animal plush toys. You’ll be surprised how many stuffed toys are just as cute and huggable as the ewoks!  


Falkor Plush Toy Alternatives to Check Out!

Falkor plush“The Neverending Story” has been etched into our childhood since the origin fantasy novel was published in 1979. Ever since the fantastic tale was adapted into several movies that many people came to love. One of the tale’s famous characters includes the highly optimistic and wisdom-filled dragon, Falkor.

Falkor, the Luck Dragon, is not only very wise and dignified, he was also irresistibly cute and fluffy, making him a well-loved character by readers and viewers alike.

Dragons are truly magnificent creatures. If you are searching for a Falkor the Luck Dragon plush toy, check out these equally awesome dragon plush toys.

Dragon Soft Plush ToyDanni the Dragon

Just like Falkor, Danni is a mighty dragon who’s just as adorable. Danni comes in different colours. Blue, pink, violet—Danni can be anything you want him to be! A Danny the dragon plush toy makes the perfect dragon in place of a Falkor plush toy!

Spike from My Little Pony

Spike from “My Little Pony” may be the only dragon in the children’s show, but he is a tough little one—and very adorable too! A My Little Pony Spike plush toy can be a great alternative to a Falkor plush toy as well. They are both cute and cuddly we can tell you that much!

Your kids will surely love a Falkor plush toy is any dragon plush toys at that! Get one as a present for your children and loved ones!

Why Super Mario Bros. is Our All-Time Favourite Videogame

For many of us, Super Mario Bros. must be the father of all videogames. This amazing creation by Nintendo has been revised and upgraded throughout the years and people, both old fans and younger players, still entertain the videogame franchise.

Let us break down to you our own personal reasons why we would play Super Mario Bros. over and over again!

Supermario toys

Blue Yoshi

We all know there are different coloured Yoshis in Super Mario World, but our most favourite of them all may be Blue Yoshi. While Red Yoshi can spit fireballs and Yellow Yoshi can pound the ground, Blue Yoshi can fly and lift Mario high above the obstacles! How awesome is that? Moreover, Mario plush toys are definitely much cuter with the Yoshis around.

Hopping on enemies’ heads

We don’t know about you, but we feel a great satisfaction jumping on enemie’s heads and watching them get defeated, which is what happens in the Super Mario games. Your kids can even recreate these scenarios with their Mario plush toys during actual playtime.

Warp pipes

Ain’t nobody got time to go through every level! These warp zones are the original cheat codes! These green pipes also have our thumbs up for taking us ahead a few worlds and sparing us from the boring levels. Only a very few videogames give ushass luxury!

Super Mario Bros. have been part of many people’s lives as it has been transformed into a memorable icon in pop culture. It has even been turned into cute and cuddly Super Mario plush toys, introducing little kids to the wonderful world of gaming as well.

How about you? What do you love most about Super Mario?

Supermario Toys

Perfect Dragon Plush Toys that Kids Will Love

There’s just something mighty, magical, and majestic about dragons, which is why kids absolutely love them! Aside from their impressive ability to breathe fire, dragons also have the power of flight—making them a whole lot awesome!

To make your dragon training dreams come true, why not get a cuddly dragon plush toy to keep you company? Here are three great dragon stuffed toy suggestions you can get for yourself or for your kids!

Toothless Plush
Toothless Plush Toy

Hiccup’s dragon Toothless has become an instant crowd favourite since the DreamWorks Animation film, “How to Train Your Dragon,” came out. And why wouldn’t he be? Toothless is just one amazing dragon! A Toothless plush toy will surely put a smile on every kid’s face. A How to Train Your Dragon plush toy will even delight adults who are also fans of the movie! Good news: A PlushDirect toothless plush toy is coming soon so stay tuned!

Danni the Dragon
Pink Dragon plush

Just like a Toothless dragon toy, a Danni the Dragon plush toy is also an excellent stuffed doll that younger kids will love. The good thing about it is that it has brighter, more vivid colours that’s pleasing to the eyes as compared to the all-black Toothless soft toy. Getting this Danni the Dragon plush toy is one way to introduce the beauty of dragons to your tiny tots!

Spike from My Little Pony

The thorn among the roses, Spike is the only dragon among the magical ponies in the kid’s TV show, “My Little Pony,” but that doesn’t make him any less cute! Just take a look at his tiny arms and cute beady eyes and you’ll see what we mean. Consider getting Spike as a present for your dragon-obsessed kids!

Spike Pony plush toy

What are you waiting for? Start your search for the best dragon plush toys today!