3 Best Alternatives for Snorlax Plush Toys

Ask any Pokemon fan who tops their cutest Pokemon list and they will scream, “Snorlax!” Snorlax is no doubt one fluffy, adorable Pokemon. With his gigantic size, round belly, and no-nonsense facial expression, Snorlax can easily beat any Pokemon in the cute department!

It would be great to have a giant Snorlax plush toy by your side, but if you can’t find one, we have the best alternative plushies to satisfy your Snorlax cravings!

panda plush

Kung Fu Panda

Just like Snorlax, Po from the DreamWorks Animation film, “Kung Fu Panda,” seems up to no good at first sight, but the truth is, this kung fu-hustling panda is truly a hero in the making! Aside from their great power within, Snorlax and Po also share a stark similarity in appearance! They’re both huge, round, and undeniably fluffy! Get a Kung Fu Panda Po plush toy as an alternative for a Snorlax teddy today!



Minions plush toys Anyone who doesn’t find the Minions cute definitely has some few screws loose! Yup, we’re talking about Gru’s henchmen from “Despicable Me,” the pill-shaped yellow creatures that everyone came to love and adore. And it’s no surprise at all, since just like Snorlax, the Minions are all kinds of cuddly and adorable! Although they are not as big as the sleepy Pokemon, a Minion plush toy could do well as a replacement for a Snorlax pillow!


Bugs Bunny

Baby Looney Tunes PlushFor all Looney Tunes lovers out there who just can’t find any good Snorlax dolls around, Bugs Bunny will tell you what’s up. The most iconic rabbit cartoon character is here to steal the show! Bugs Bunny never fails to tickle everyone with his crazy antics, but aside from that, we also think that he’s as cute as Snorlax! Instead of a giant Snorlax plush, why not get a huggable Bugs Bunny rabbit plush toy instead? After all, they both sure look fun to cuddle with!

As long as there are great plushie alternatives, Snorlax soft doll is not the only one who can steal our hearts!

Give these equally scene-stealing plush toys a try and see for yourselves.

Top 4 Best Bunny Plush Toys to Give Away for the Holidays

Who says bunnies are only in during Easter? With their undeniable cuteness, we say bunnies can be all-time faves! Good thing we have bunny plush toys that can fit as children’s presents all year round!

Forget about a plush rainbow Easter bunny; take a look at our awesome collection of kawaii rabbit plush toys that you can give away as gifts for the holidays!

Bugs Bunny

A Lola bunny plush is nothing without her partner-in-crime, Bugs Bunny! This premium quality Looney Tunes plush toy will instantly bring one down memory lane with the classic cartoon show. With Bugs’ street-smart antics, he has become an instant crowd favourite among bunny-loving people!

Boxing Bunny

Instead of a Becky bunny huggy soft plush, why not get one of these Boxing Bunny plush toys? For sure, they are not your ordinary bunnies. With their boxing gear and adorable game face on, kids will truly enjoy playing with these snuggly plushies—perfect for kids who are interested in the sport!


Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps is truly one hip, hop plush bunny! A police officer in the world’s most bustling city, Zootopia, Judy never fails to put justice and fairness above anything else. Inspired by the award-winning Disney movie, this Judy Hopps plush toy will delight movie fans when they receive this amazing gift this Christmas!


Bunnies are indeed loveable creatures, and they can even be safe for cuddles and playtimes in their soft plush forms! Make the holidays extra-special for your kids by giving away these delightful rabbit plush toys!

Aside from an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit plush, there’s another character that will give you just the same thrill! A loveable personality from the DreamWorks Animation movie, “The Secret Life of Pets”, Snowball will surprise everyone with his small-but-terrible attitude. Nevertheless, one just couldn’t resist his adorable appearance!

3 Sonic Plush Toy Alternatives That Will Delight Gamers!

Get your hands off your videogame consoles and mobile screens and experience a cuddly adventure with your favourite characters in plushie form!

If you are a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog plush dolls, then you are probably a gamer yourself! Here, we bring out a list of equally cute and cuddly plushies designed straight from popular videogames we’ve grown fond of over the years.

Super Mario

It’s safe to say Mario totally dominated our childhood days back in the ‘80s. The 8-bit videogame just gave us an addicting adventure! Like Sonic Boom plush toys, our stunning Super Mario collection is uniquely designed and officially licensed to ensure a great playtime.

We bet you can catch Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and the others faster than Sonic!

Angry Bird Toy
Angry Bird Toy

Today, mobile games are all the rage, and the Angry Birds franchise became a huge hit itself! Aside from Sonic plush toys, you can also try these soft, huggable Angry Birds plush toys inspired from the Angry Birds movie! Choose from nine different characters—your call!

Candy Crush

Another addicting mobile game that caught us stuck to our phones is Candy Crush! Crushing different kinds of candies instead of eating them has never been satisfying.

candy crush dolls

With five different characters to choose from, our superb collection of Candy Crush stuffed toys are perfect alternatives to your favourite Sonic plush toys!

Whether you are a gamer or not, a stuffed toy will never let you down! Start playing with your fondest videogame characters for real!

Top 4 Alternative Plushies for Pug Plush Toys

Isn’t it just the best feeling coming home to a dog wagging its tail and charging to meet you? Dogs are truly man’s best friend—we just can’t get enough of them! And just when we think we can’t love them enough, we want them as adorable plushies to cuddle with anytime! But if you think the only ones you can get are pug toys, you haven’t seen our adorable collection of dog plush toys yet.

Here are four equally delightful alternatives for pug plush toys that you can get for yourself and your dog lover companions!

Bulldogs Paw Patrol Fluorescent Scooby Doo Bitzer

1. Bulldog plush toys

These bulldog plushies will make you realize that bulldogs are just as charming as pugs! Just like a toy pug, these bulldog plush toys are cute, cuddly, and children-friendly. Plus,
they are available in five different vibrant colours that kids can choose from. With these pug toy alternatives, every playtime is going to get ruff!


2. Paw Patrol soft toys

You will never look at dogs the same way again when you encounter the cute and reliable Paw Patrol gang. These licensed, brand new plushies are all closely inspired by the popular Nickelodeon cartoon show, where dogs get to serve the community with their individual occupations. Whether you get Marshall, the firefighter, or Chase, the police dog, cuddle moments will never be the same!


3. Fluorescent Scooby Doo soft doll

Scooby Doo basically represents the childhood of many generations past, and rightfully so! His goofy antics and impressive inkling to mystery villains make him such an adorable character. If you love pug toys so much, why not get a fluffy Scooby Doo as well? What’s more is that he is also available in four lively colours to choose from!


4. Bitzer plush toys

Bitzer is the peace-loving sheepdog from the well-renowned stop-motion animated show, Shaun the Sheep. This snuggly Bitzer plush toy is just like the actual animated character—cute, charming, and won’t let you down!All dogs deserve love! Don’t hesitate to get one of these pug plush toy alternatives when you get the chance.