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Best Pokemon Plush Toys to Give Your Pokemon-Loving Kids

Nintendo’s smash hit has gone a long way from being just an addictive videogame. Over the years, Pokemon has become such an iconic franchise that has evolved to countless movies, TV shows, and merchandise.

It’s no wonder how it has gained a huge fan base. Your kids may even be aspiring Pokemon trainers themselves.

Make them happy and give them top quality Pokemon plush toys that they will surely enjoy collecting! Here are some awesome suggestions for all you clueless parents out there.

  • Electric-type Pokemon

The most popular Pokemon out there should be the cute, charming Pikachu! A Pikachu plush toy will never fail as a present to your little Pokemon fans.
While you’re at it, get a PIchu plush doll to complete their electric-type Pokemon collection.

  • Fire-type Pokemon

If your kids love fire-type Pokemon, a Charmander plush toy should be the safest doll to give.
Other great options include a Vulpix plush, Arcanine plush, and a Growlithe plush.

  • Grass-type Pokemon

If your little Pokemon trainer is more inclined to grass-type Pokemon, then a Bulbasaur plush toy is a great choice!
If you want to steer from the popular Pokemon, a Turtwig plush is the next best thing to go.

  • Water-type Pokemon

There’s a lot to choose from water-type Pokemon, so it’s much easier to choose a present from this category.
You can pick the most popular Pokemon like the Squirtle plush, Blastoise plush, or Lapras plush,
or you can go for the newer generations like a Piplup plush or an Oshawott plush.

  • Dark-type Pokemon

Some adorable dark-type Pokemon that you can get for your little ones include the Umbreon plush or an Absol plush.
If you want, you can go for a shiny Umbreon plush toy to give your present an extra oomph.

  • Psychic-type Pokemon

The most popular psychic-type Pokemon might be the great Mewtwo. Get a superb Mewtwo plush toy for your little Pokemon fans at home.
Another great option is a cuddly Celebi plush that’s also well-loved by a lot of Pokemon followers.

  • Poison-type Pokemon

Pokemon fans who love poison-type Pokemon are simply one-of- a-kind. Get a Gengar plush or a Zubat plush to satisfy their desires.

  • Fighting-type Pokemon

A fighter Pokemon to love would be the mighty Lucario. Get a fluffy Lucario plush toy to prove that even fighting-type Pokemon can be totally huggable too.

  • Fairy-type Pokemon

Fairy-type Pokemon are easily the most adorable Pokemon out there, and nothing beats Jigglypuff in the adorable department!

Get a Jigglypuff plush toy for your equally cute Pokemon fans at home to give them the time of their lives.

See? There’s so much characters to choose from, it’s overwhelming! All you need to do is to find out which Pokemon type your kid prefers and let this list be your guide.
What are you waiting for? Go look for that perfect Pokemon present today!

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