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3 Best Alternatives for Snorlax Plush Toys

Ask any Pokemon fan who tops their cutest Pokemon list and they will scream, “Snorlax!” Snorlax is no doubt one fluffy, adorable Pokemon. With his gigantic size, round belly, and no-nonsense facial expression, Snorlax can easily beat any Pokemon in the cute department!

It would be great to have a giant Snorlax plush toy by your side, but if you can’t find one, we have the best alternative plushies to satisfy your Snorlax cravings!

panda plush

Kung Fu Panda

Just like Snorlax, Po from the DreamWorks Animation film, “Kung Fu Panda,” seems up to no good at first sight, but the truth is, this kung fu-hustling panda is truly a hero in the making! Aside from their great power within, Snorlax and Po also share a stark similarity in appearance! They’re both huge, round, and undeniably fluffy! Get a Kung Fu Panda Po plush toy as an alternative for a Snorlax teddy today!



Minions plush toys Anyone who doesn’t find the Minions cute definitely has some few screws loose! Yup, we’re talking about Gru’s henchmen from “Despicable Me,” the pill-shaped yellow creatures that everyone came to love and adore. And it’s no surprise at all, since just like Snorlax, the Minions are all kinds of cuddly and adorable! Although they are not as big as the sleepy Pokemon, a Minion plush toy could do well as a replacement for a Snorlax pillow!


Bugs Bunny

Baby Looney Tunes PlushFor all Looney Tunes lovers out there who just can’t find any good Snorlax dolls around, Bugs Bunny will tell you what’s up. The most iconic rabbit cartoon character is here to steal the show! Bugs Bunny never fails to tickle everyone with his crazy antics, but aside from that, we also think that he’s as cute as Snorlax! Instead of a giant Snorlax plush, why not get a huggable Bugs Bunny rabbit plush toy instead? After all, they both sure look fun to cuddle with!

As long as there are great plushie alternatives, Snorlax soft doll is not the only one who can steal our hearts!

Give these equally scene-stealing plush toys a try and see for yourselves.

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  1. These are the best collection for the little cute baby who is very keen to play with the toy. My first choice is the Kung fu Panda for my son who is now only eight months of age and I will keep the Bugs Bunny for my elder daughter and she will be sure happy with it.

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