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3 Sonic Plush Toy Alternatives That Will Delight Gamers!

Get your hands off your videogame consoles and mobile screens and experience a cuddly adventure with your favourite characters in plushie form!

If you are a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog plush dolls, then you are probably a gamer yourself! Here, we bring out a list of equally cute and cuddly plushies designed straight from popular videogames we’ve grown fond of over the years.

Super Mario

It’s safe to say Mario totally dominated our childhood days back in the ‘80s. The 8-bit videogame just gave us an addicting adventure! Like Sonic Boom plush toys, our stunning Super Mario collection is uniquely designed and officially licensed to ensure a great playtime.

We bet you can catch Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and the others faster than Sonic!

Angry Bird Toy
Angry Bird Toy

Today, mobile games are all the rage, and the Angry Birds franchise became a huge hit itself! Aside from Sonic plush toys, you can also try these soft, huggable Angry Birds plush toys inspired from the Angry Birds movie! Choose from nine different characters—your call!

Candy Crush

Another addicting mobile game that caught us stuck to our phones is Candy Crush! Crushing different kinds of candies instead of eating them has never been satisfying.

candy crush dolls

With five different characters to choose from, our superb collection of Candy Crush stuffed toys are perfect alternatives to your favourite Sonic plush toys!

Whether you are a gamer or not, a stuffed toy will never let you down! Start playing with your fondest videogame characters for real!

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