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Top 4 Best Bunny Plush Toys to Give Away for the Holidays

Who says bunnies are only in during Easter? With their undeniable cuteness, we say bunnies can be all-time faves! Good thing we have bunny plush toys that can fit as children’s presents all year round!

Forget about a plush rainbow Easter bunny; take a look at our awesome collection of kawaii rabbit plush toys that you can give away as gifts for the holidays!

Bugs Bunny

A Lola bunny plush is nothing without her partner-in-crime, Bugs Bunny! This premium quality Looney Tunes plush toy will instantly bring one down memory lane with the classic cartoon show. With Bugs’ street-smart antics, he has become an instant crowd favourite among bunny-loving people!

Boxing Bunny

Instead of a Becky bunny huggy soft plush, why not get one of these Boxing Bunny plush toys? For sure, they are not your ordinary bunnies. With their boxing gear and adorable game face on, kids will truly enjoy playing with these snuggly plushies—perfect for kids who are interested in the sport!


Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps is truly one hip, hop plush bunny! A police officer in the world’s most bustling city, Zootopia, Judy never fails to put justice and fairness above anything else. Inspired by the award-winning Disney movie, this Judy Hopps plush toy will delight movie fans when they receive this amazing gift this Christmas!


Bunnies are indeed loveable creatures, and they can even be safe for cuddles and playtimes in their soft plush forms! Make the holidays extra-special for your kids by giving away these delightful rabbit plush toys!

Aside from an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit plush, there’s another character that will give you just the same thrill! A loveable personality from the DreamWorks Animation movie, “The Secret Life of Pets”, Snowball will surprise everyone with his small-but-terrible attitude. Nevertheless, one just couldn’t resist his adorable appearance!

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