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By admin-seo / October 9, 2017

3 Sonic Plush Toy Alternatives That Will Delight Gamers!

Get your hands off your videogame consoles and mobile screens and experience a cuddly adventure with your favourite characters in...

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By Chris / September 14, 2017

Mom and daughter snag huge Minion plush toy from 2nd Like and Share Contest!

One winner from New South Wales brings home a cute cuddly prize on the second round of PlushDirect’s monthly Like...

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By admin-seo / September 8, 2017


It’s time for another round of our monthly Facebook competition. This time, participants will get a chance to win a...

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By admin-seo / August 18, 2017

4 Year-Ender Animated Flicks You Don’t Wanna Miss

There may only be four months left before the year 2017 ends, but there’s still so much more surprises in...

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By ASC Ojt / August 7, 2017

Best Pokemon Plush Toys to Give Your Pokemon-Loving Kids

Nintendo’s smash hit has gone a long way from being just an addictive videogame. Over the years, Pokemon has become such...

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Movie Reviews
By ASC Ojt / August 4, 2017

Why Watch the Emoji Movie?

Ever since its release last July, Sony Pictures Animation’s “The Emoji Movie” has gained mixed reviews. There have been critics...

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Minions huge toys
By admin-seo / July 17, 2017


It’s time for another round of our Like and Share contest! This time, one HUGE Minion plushie from the Despicable...

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Blog, Contest
By admin-seo / July 12, 2017

Lucky Mom Wins Huge Poppy Plushie from the Like and Share Contest!

One lucky winner snags PlushDirect’s first ever Like and Share Contest last week! Proud mother Louise Carbone takes home a...

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By admin-seo / June 22, 2017

Uber the Unicorn Plush Toys Are Coming Your Way—And They’re Uber Cute and Cuddly!

Make way for the most adorable unicorns you will ever see! If you are obsessed with unicorns, just like Agnes...

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By Chris / June 20, 2017

Top 5 Best Alternative Toys for Steiff Teddy Bears

For over a century, Steiff Teddy Bear has been the epitome of childhood joy across the globe. With years of...

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