Care Bears

Nothing makes a gloomy day brighter than the Original Care Bears! These Care Bears are officially licensed items with individual tags.

Because of their smooth polyester material and polyester fibre stuffing, the Care Bears teddy make perfect companions to hug and cuddle with. No one just can’t seem to resist their charm and cuteness.

In our stunning and original Care Bears collection, kids can choose from 4 different colourful characters: Cheer Care, Funshine Care, Grumpy Care, and Harmony Care. Each Care Bear soft toy brims with a positive, life-loving attitude that both kids and kids-at-heart will love!

Choose a character that best represents your personality. But whether you’re as cheerful as Cheer Care, or as generous as Share Care, you can always get the entire collection at a discounted price to give out to your loved ones or to display at home.

Our online catalogue offers only top-notch quality Care Bears soft toys to give you the best cuddle time experience ever!  Buy care bear teddy now!

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