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Kung Fu Panda Plush Toys 38-56cm

Kung Fu Panda Plush Toys 38-56cm

  •  Size: 38-56cm
  •  Material: plush cotton fibers
  •  Perfect for children ages 4 to 7
  •  Based on the characters of Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda

The Dragon Warrior has just been chosen… and it is Po! Who would have thought that this big, sometimes clumsy, panda will be destined to defeat evil and save the land? Catch Po in action in this Po plush toy in kicking position. Kung fu masters have never been this cuddly!

According to Po’s great words, Tigress has nerves of steel and souls of platinum. She may have such formidable qualities, but she can still be soft and squishy in this plush toy version! True to her character, Tigress plush toy may be quick-tempered on the outside, but she has a selfless heart on the inside — and a lot of fluff, too.

Complete your Kung Fu Stuffed Panda toy squad with the valiant Tigress!

Po teaches us that we can be anything if we put our heart into it, just as he did when he successfully mastered kung fu! Don’t let his big, fat appearance fool you; there is more to him than meets the eye! Get this huggable plush Po for your young ones now! He might just be what they need for their next big adventure.

Learn the art of kung fu from the great Master Shifu himself! This red panda has trained the Furious Five and made a Dragon Warrior out of Po; he can make something great out of you too! The Master Shifu plush toy captures Shifu’s calm look, yet the great kung fu master can be stern and determined when the need arises. Make sure not to test his temper by giving him lots of hugs! Get the red panda plush now!

Bao is one adorable giant panda who loves to learn kung fu as much as Po! Make your kung fu trainings enjoyable with this huggable plush toy. Kids will love Bao’s sweet nature, and of course, his cute and cuddly appearance. His tiny hat and vest makes this character even more charming, so make sure you don’t miss this kung fu cutie!

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Product Description

Master the art of kung fu with THE big fat panda, Po, and his band of fearless friends! Inspired by the Dreamworks animated film, Kung Fu Panda, these soft plush toys will bring awesomeness to every kid’s imagination in their quest to defeat evil. Collect all 5 Kung Fu panda soft toys today!

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Bao, Full Collection, Master Shifu, Po, Po Kicking, Tigress



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