Minions Plush Toys Despicable Me 3 Complete Set

$136.50 $129.20

  • Minion toy size: 23-26cm
  • Officially licensed, top quality Minions plush toys
  • Breathable polyester material and felt accessories
  • Minions-inspired design from the popular animated film, Despicable Me 3
  • Includes eight (7) characters: Stuart, Stuart Beach Trunks, Minion Hero Kevin, Minion Hero Stuart, Dave Beach Trunks, Kevin,  Mel
  • All Minion toys are suitable for kids ages 3 and above
  • Available in other character and sizes


One simply cannot conquer the world without a reliable sidekick. With the Minions, make that a THOUSAND cute, reliable sidekicks! Gru’s yellow, pill-shaped henchmen just steal the show with their adorable appearance and funny antics. Although they usually get into trouble here and there, they always get the job done while giving everyone a good laugh.

Both kids and adults will find it hard to resist getting one of these huggable soft Minions plush toys! Get the entire collection of adorable Minions plush toys today!

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17-28cm, 23-26cm, 35-43cm


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