Original Stuffed Dragon Toys Complete Set


  • Original Stuffed Dragon toys sizes: 23cm, 28cm & 44cm
  • Pristine soft toy with separate tag
  • Excellent dragon stuffed toy in blue colour
  • Smooth, breathable polyester fibres and faux fur
  • Impressive cute dragon design
  • Recommended for children aged 3 and up
  • Inspired by Danni the Dragon Character


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Who says dragons can’t make great loyal friends? This original dragon plush toy certainly thinks otherwise! Make every playtime twice as magical when you get this stunning dragon plush toy.

You can choose among 3 sizes, depending on how big you want your hugs to be! This blue dragon soft toy will never make you blue, and although dragons breathe fire, this PlushDirect plush doll will be the coolest dragon you’ve ever seen.

Get this blue dragon plush toy for your young knights and princesses today!

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18cm, 25cm, 38cm


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