What Are Customers Saying About PlushDirect?

PlushDirect has been Australia’s top-selling online plush toy store for more than a year now. Since our official website launch and eBay store launch last January 2017, PlushDirect has continued to gain nothing but positive feedback from its lovely buyers.

But what are customers really saying about PlushDirect? Here are some of their feedback that will convince you to make your first purchase today!



Always Delighted

The moment their packages arrive, customers are always delighted and grateful to finally enjoy their purchase.

They are often surprised by the great quality of our products, which are better appreciated in person!

One thing we hate about ordering online is waiting for it to arrive. However, PlushDirect always does its best to spare its customers from waiting too long.

Blunders and misunderstandings are inevitable, but we strive to settle things as soon as possible…

…and deliver the best customer service that everyone deserves.

Everyone at the PlushDirect team is truly grateful for the overwhelmingly positive reviews that we’ve received throughout the months. These encourage us to keep bringing out only premium quality plush toys and unparalleled customer service to our valued plush lovers.

Rest assured, we are brewing more and more offerings that are coming at you real soon! Stay tuned at our Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts, for updates and upcoming promos and contests.