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What We Love About the Upcoming ‘Dumbo’ Film

Disney just released the teaser-trailer of a children’s classic animated film starring a well-loved baby elephant, Dumbo—and we couldn’t get any more excited!

Dumbo has been one of Disney’s most beloved and most unforgettable cartoon movie since it aired in 1941. When you’ve got a cute little elephant as main character and an equally odd group of supporting animal characters, what’s not to love?

Directed by Tim Burton, who is responsible for many blockbuster movies, Dumbo is remade into a live-action film starring Danny DeVito, Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, and Eva Green, and of course, Dumbo himself in full CGI glory. With today’s innovations in computer-generated graphics, we are pretty confident that Dumbo can be reanimated just fine!

A trend among live-action remakes Disney has been making these past few years is giving a tinge of reality into what was originally a kids’ movie, and Dumbo is clearly heading towards that idea. We love how spellbinding it looks based on the trailer, yet we expect it to be poignant and heart-tugging as well.

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